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Casting The Students Of 'The Forbidden Words'' High School To Navigate The World Of Sexual Power And Teenage Enlightenment In This Otherworldly "Grease-like" Classroom Environment Under The Instruction Of Their Lascivious And Occasionally Ridged Teacher.

Sophie (Chorus / Ensemble): Female, 18-28
Cynical And Anarchic. A Fierce, Beautiful Loner, Prone To Mischief And Anti establishment Ranking. Enjoys Wielding Sexual Power.

Chastity (Chorus / Ensemble): Female, 18-28
A Budding Pop Star. Actually Chaste, But Only Because It Gives Her A More Titillating Image. Her Music Is Sweetly Optimistic, But She's Too Calculating In Her Relationships To Be A Really Nice Girl.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicity

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